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TTFHA Fall Convention

Date: October 6 and 7, 2017                                                                   Location: Brownwood, Texas                                                                     

For information contact:  John Dea at 806-777-4344

 More detail coming at a later date.

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Spring 2017 Rendezvous Update

Jacksonville once again welcomed TTFHA on April 21-22, 2017. Many things have changed since the last visit, but not the dedication of the membership. After the floor was opened for discussion, in the general membership meeting, an adoption of a new set of by-laws was accepted. This new set of by-laws assures that TTFHA is in compliance with all aspects of being a 501(c)(3) tax exempt and non-profit organization. 

Without support from the membership, the TTFHA would not be able to promote public education on behalf of the trapping community. Special recognition goes to the donors listed below. 

Antler Donations:

Steve Morris     E.T. Means     Tim Martin

Robin Wheelus     Bill Applegate

Auction Donations:

Tasha and Keith Jackson     Troy Vaughn     Pam Brooks     Brian McKee

Steve Morris     The Hepker Family     Amy and Rodney Jordan     Mark Davis

Don Cooper     Andy Weiser     Robin Wheelus   Tim and Mary Ross    Wayne Reed

Al and Melanie Barton     Don Hightower     Mitchell Simpson, Karl Haschke

Tom Beaudette      Jeff Dunnier      Earle Blakney      Apple Road aka Cletis Richards,

Kendall Speight   Monica Wheelus

There were other donors that chose to be anonymous.



The Fall 2016 Convention is now history and it was historical as far as all time attendance and proceeds earned during the two day event.  Overall attendance broke the 300+ mark and net proceeds almost tripled a typical fall convention!                                                                                                                                                                       A special thank you goes to VP Mitchell Simpson, who once again lined up more vendors and big name demos than ever before and his efforts along with other TTFHA members made for a great gathering!   Others who routinely volunteered to help included Monica and Robin Wheelus, Mark and Donna June, Dan Hepker, Matthew Carter, Kendall Speight, Joe Craft (auctioneer), Steve Salas, and James Bacon.

A general membership meeting vote was taken to amend three articles in the TTFHA Bylaws... the measures were passed and thus the membership has authorized the board to update the Bylaws and move forward towards gaining a tax-exempt, non-profit status.   This process will take a bit of effort but the end result will be extremely beneficial for your association.

The weekend highlight was a Ed Hutzel commemorative trap presented to Bill Applegate, commemorating 18 years as TTFHA President.  A standing ovation followed the presentation of course.  Bill did not run for re-election so we sincerely thank you Mr. Applegate for all you have done for TTFHA over the years!


The esteemed "Trapper of the Year" was presented to FTA/NTA delegate Jeff Dunnier.  Jeff has worked tirelessly this year, traveling to Kansas, Georgia, etc. to promote TTFHA to other associations and other trappers.  Congratulations Mr. Dunnier!


Also on hand for the first time was Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist Jonah Evans.  Jonah is the biologist assigned to fur bearers here in Texas so it's important he gets to know us and we get to know him.  He also is a world class animal tracker and shared a truly one-of-a-kind seminar with everyone on Saturday.

Jonah Evans

New Officers and Directors were elected and appointed including President- Mark June, Membership Administrator- Monica Wheelus, Treasurer- Donna June, Public Relations Director- David Simpson,  District 1- Jay Krottinger, District 5- Robin Wheelus and District 6- Hollee Applegate-WarrenDSC_2587

Contests were held both days and here is a list of the winners...                                                                                                                             Recruitment Contest Winners                                                           Steve Salas (Adult) & Josh Medrano (Junior)                                           DSC_2568                                                                                                                                                        Dirt hole contest - Colton Preece 1st place

Speed Setting contest - Beginners - William Warren 1st place, Womens - Hollee Applegate-Warren 1st place, Mens - Casey Payne 1st place                                                                                                          DSC_2521

Skillet Toss - Beginners - Addison Martin 1st place, Seniors - Jordan Vagts 1st place, Advanced- Amy Jordan 1st place, Skilled - Patricia Shelton 1st place.     

We have a new "Traveling Trophy" at TTFHA!                                      A tradition has been started whereby the high bidder at Friday night's auction can "purchase and keep" for one year, the Traveling Trophy artwork specifically created for TTFHA by Chip Davis (Expand-A-Pan) from Mississippi.  Each year's winner of the Trophy will also sign and date the art, so history can record those who are very generous bidders on behalf of the association.

This year's winning bidder is Kendall Speight, shown holding the art piece at his home in south Texas.  Super job Kendall and enjoy the Traveling Trophy until October, 2017 when it will once again go up for bid at Friday's benefit auction.Traveling Trophy

Chip Davis, trapper and NTA director from Missippi.  Chip is the owner of Expand-A-Pan, a method of enlarging the "kill zone" on traps of all sizes.                                         His website is

Chip Davis