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Education is the key to success

In today's world, a number of people do not understand why trapping is an important management tool for wildlife populations or believe trapping is unnecessary, cruel and inhumane.  Many of these misunderstandings are due to a lack of knowledge or misperceptions.

The members of the TTFHA are dedicated to education and believe that we are ambassadors of wildlife management. Our efforts are intended to correct misperceptions, including those offered by animal activists and their propaganda.

We invite you to join us in teaching others how to be stewards of wildlife through hunting and trapping conservation activities. If you feel strongly about wildlife conservation, we ask that you get involved.

Volunteer today! Help us educate youngsters and adults through many of the educational activities we are involved with at a local and state level.



                 Click on the Link below to download the                                          printable TTFHA Education Volunteer Form                                             TTFHA Education Volunteer Form

Contact:  Robin Wheelus, Public Relations Director,                                           361-318-0692  Email:

                 Click on the Link below to download the                                          printable TTFHA Education Pre & Post Event Forms                               Education Activity Pre-Event form                                                   Education Activity Post-Event form



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