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scholarshipCongratulations to the winner of the TTFHA Scholarship, J.B. Alexander. He is pictured above with scholarship committee members Jay Krottinger and Hollee Applegate Warren. J.B. is the grandson of Mark Davis and will be pursuing a degree in Agriculture Education at West Texas A&M. (go Buffs!)


Jim Brooks and Keith Jackson are again recognized for their service as instructors for the On Line Trapping Demonstration.

TTFHA would also like to thank everyone who took time to present demos on site both days. We could not provide the caliber of convention we hosted without the following people: Gary Jepson, Dave Hastings, Cletis Richards, Tom Beaudette, Sterlen Kirschman, David Simpson, Andy Weiser, Brian McKee and John Beaudette.


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Left to Right: Dave Hastings, Jeff Dunnier, Gary Jepson and Karl Haschke


District Directors Dan Hepker and Jay Krottinger get words of advice and encouragement from Past President Bill Applegate


Dave Hastings and Dan Hepker receiving recognition for making Texas Fur Trails the quality magazine it is today.


From Mark and Donna June - TTFHA President and Treasurer
Dated April 4, 2017
To the TTFHA Board of Directors,
This email formally informs the TTFHA BOD's that as of today, both Donna and I resign as your association President and Treasurer, effective immediately.
This action is the result of a decision Donna and I are making to become more involved on our church, LIFE Church of La Vernia's ministry programs, and to facilitate this we need to step down from our roles as officers in TTFHA.  Prayer has led us in this direction and I trust everyone will understand our personal decision in this regard.
It has been Donna and my pleasure to assist TTFHA in the following ways during the previous year;
  • Submitting the paperwork necessary to get TTFHA designated as a non-profit 501c3 organization
  • Submitting the paperwork necessary to get TTFHA designated non-profit by the state of Texas
  • Helping to craft a revision of the bylaws
  • Complete examination of every member's information in 2016 to update inconsistencies ensuring all members receive TFT magazines and voting ballots
  • Rewrite of the "welcome" and "renewal" letters members receive with their association materials
  • Focus on acquiring member emails as a means of quicker and cost-effective communication
  • Auditing the financials and submitting suggestions on cost effective measures at all levels
  • Rewriting the treasury Charter of Accounts to better track assets and expenditures and ensure a more accurate P&L
  • Rebuilding of the TTFHA website complete with online payment capabilities
  • Creation of a TTFHA Blogsite and merchandise store
  • Securing 12 corporate sponsors for the website generating $3,000 annually
  • Working with Dave Hastings to generate more income from the TFT magazine, including contacting advertisers to generate increased ad revenue
  • Working with TFT editor to move to a color cover creating increased revenues based on color ad rates
  • Negotiating reduced print costs for TFT magazine allowing increased magazine size
  • Securing donations from industry leaders to benefit auction proceeds
  • Holding the first district meeting in District 5 and then suggesting other districts follow suit to better facilitate local issues
  • Holding a meeting via teleconference to show how a board can better function
  • Developing artwork and production of a new association color brochure
  • Overseeing the process whereby March 2017 bank funds are approximately 100% higher than twelve months previous
  • Contacting Jonah Evans to build a bridge of communication with this critical position within TPWD
As we summarize our decision to resign, we wish TTFHA great success in the future.  It has been our pleasure to serve this association and I hope everyone will wish us God's Blessings in our decision to better serve Him.
Mark & Donna June