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TTFHA recruiter of the year and District 5 member Steve (Red) Salas held a trapper's instruction day where 14 trappers were shown various trapping methods as well as instruction on how to skin, flesh, and put up fur on stretchers.  Trappers came from several different cities to attend and the feedback on Steve's effort was unanimous... these sportsmen, many of whom had never set a trap before, really appreciated someone taking the time to offer guidence and knowledge.

All were treated to a free lunch and soft drinks during the class as well.

Wesley Cohn and Austin MacDonald assisted Red at this trapping class.  Thanks to all who donated their time and talent!



The first ever District 1 meeting was a big success.  The weather was a little cool and breezy but everyone was able to get down in the breaks to do all of the trapping demos. We started off with a meet a greet where  John Dea handed out name tags.   The  sign in area had membership applications and the new association brochures available..

Followed the meet and greet there was a great coyote skinning demo by Roy Finley who shared a very interesting and beneficial approach to skin coyotes.

     Roy Finley            Roy Finley

We then had a demonstration by Jeff Jones who showed everyone how he makes a flat set for coyotes.

      Jeff Jones            Jeff Jones

Duwain Vinson (fur buyer) talked and showed his method on snaring.

    Duwain Vinson   Duwain Vinson

Lunch was provided for attendees and after lunch Jim Vaught gave an outstanding and very informative presentation on the dispersal, location, habitat and trapping of Mountain lions.

          Jim Vaught      Jim Vaught

Tyler Eaton gave a demo on cage trapping bobcats.

              Tyler Eaton Tyler Eaton

Wayne Reed showed how he makes a Rub set.

Wayne Reed

After the demonstrations,  District Director Jay Krottinger led a TTFHA business discussion.  Twenty attended the gathering, a significant number in a district of twenty-four members!  Overall, there was a sharing of trapping knowledge by some very skilled trappers and we'd like to thank those who gave demonstrations.   The trappers who attended the first ever District #1 wholeheartedly agreed that they'd like to see the district have another meeting in the future!

District gathers to watch a demonstration


Jay Krottinger showing how he makes his predator set


Thanks to all who attended and lent a hand.  It is very much appreciated - Jay