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A tradition has been started whereby the high bidder at Friday night's auction can "purchase and keep" for one year, the Traveling Trophy artwork specifically created for TTFHA by Chip Davis (Expand-A-Pan) from Mississippi.  Each year's winner of the Trophy will also sign and date the art, so history can record those who are very generous bidders on behalf of the association.

This year's winning bidder is Kendall Speight, shown holding the art piece at his home in south Texas.  Super job Kendall and enjoy the Traveling Trophy until October, 2017 when it will once again go up for bid at Friday's benefit auction.

Traveling Trophy

Chip Davis, trapper and NTA director from Missippi.  Chip is the owner of Expand-A-Pan, a method of enlarging the "kill zone" on traps of all sizes.                                         His website is

Chip Davis

The 2016 Fall Convention drew more than 300 people during its two days in Brownwood, a record attendance for a TTFHA event.                                                        DSC_2534

Vice-president Mitchell Simpson and crew are to be commended and thanked as they spent countless hours working to make sure the weekend was a complete success!  Mitchell, we appreciate you.  Also present for the entire two days were the new Membership Administrator, Monica Wheelus, and Donna June, your new TTFHA Treasurer.  Both ladies made sure that the front desk operation ran like a dyed and waxed trap... nice and smooth.  Many new members were signed up and many more renewed and the TTFHA membership eclipsed the 660 member mark for the first time ever!

Mitchell SimpsonDSC_2452

The demonstrations from pro trappers and predator callers from across the U.S. included Wayne Derrick from NM, John Graham from WY, Brian Trussell from Fox Pro, Rusty Johnson from GA, Casey Payne from NM, Travis Chilson and Mark June from TX, and many more.                                                                                                        DSC_2494 DSC_2469DSC_2482DSC_2465DSC_2512DSC_2476

Several contests were held and the skillet toss was entertaining as always.DSC_2521

Friday night's auction, hosted by auctioneer and district 5 member Joe Craft was the largest TTFHA auction ever with proceeds totaling three times more than any previous fall auction's proceeds.  Joe was helped by Robin Wheelus, Matt Carter, and Kendall Speight who assisted by logging the large volume of donations received and calling out the bids during the evening's fun!


One of the highlights during Saturday's festivities  was the wonderful meal catered by the Early FFA.  TTFHA is appreciative of all the FFA folks who made this possible and we look to working with this fine organization again in the future.


A memorable awards ceremony was held Saturday where Bill Applegate was presented a custom made, one-of-a-kind Ed Hutzel trap and recognized for his 18 years as President of TTFHA.   Super job Mr. Applegate!


Mark June was announced as the new TTFHA President along with other new board members that include David Simpson- Public Relations Director, Monica Wheelus- Membership Administrator, Hollee Applegate-Warren- District 6 director, Jay Krottinger- District 1 director, Robin Wheelus-District 5 director.  All the Officers and Directors are listed on the Officers link on the Home page of this site.


Jeff Dunnier was announced as the 2016 TTFHA Trapper of the Year for his never ending service to this membership and his wife and daughter were on hand to see him receive his award making this presentation very special for everyone.   Jeff,  you donate your time and talent to this association and we are glad to call you a friend and an ally in the battle to keep trapping alive and well in Texas!


We also asked TPWD Biologist Jonah Evans from Boerne, TX to attend to see first hand what the Texas trappers are doing as a group.  Since Jonah is the biologist at TPWD who oversees the trapping projects, regulations, etc. his recognition of us and what we do is vital.  He's of course been invited back to all future events!


Finally, the most notable news from the general membership meeting was that the association board and membership has voted to amend the Bylaws and apply for 501c3 status as a non-profit, charitable association.  This designation would be a tremendous step for us and ensure we continue to grow and prosper should the day come when we need to circle the wagons and fight the animal-rights activists.  Stay tuned for more about this important project in your Texas Fur Trails magazine as well as on this website.

Again, congratulations to all who came and attended this year's record setting.  This association is "on-the-move"!