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All you have to do is turn on the television or listen to the radio and you will quickly come to understand that the country is changing.  Today's culture is rapidly moving to urban centers versus the previous generation who's goal was to live in the suburbs or better yet in the "country".  America today is becoming more and more urban and less and less rural and that doesn't bode well for the citizenry to understand the ways of the outdoorsmen and certainly not the ways of trappers!

You are encouraged more than ever before to help support state and national organizations working hard every day to protect trapping and that support of course starts with TTFHA, but should extend to the National Trappers Association, Fur Takers of America, Fur Bearers Alliance, and even Sportsmen's Alliance, ALL National organizations working to protect our way of life in a culture looking to restrict or even abolish it altogether.  If you haven't looked into what these National organizations do for trappers... simply put, YOU NEED TO!  Because they deserve our financial support.  All these organizations are listed as Affiliates on the Home page at





We here in Texas are Blessed to trap in an environment that is far less restrictive than virtually every other state.  How long will that continue?  Hard to say for sure, but the state and country are changing whether we want them to or not and our trapping heritage that we hold near and dear will come under attack at some point.

Trapper's proud heritage of "leave me alone" and "I'll leave you alone" and going about our business without bringing attention to what we do, it's what we're made of... all of us.  That's the wonder of our sport.  Trapping is by its very nature an outdoor activity that rewards those who work best alone or in small teams that don't call attention to themselves, but this strategy in the arena of game laws and regulations is deathly ineffective.  Time and time again, most recently in Montana, do we see organized efforts to limit trappers and what they can do.  And most times, when you give the antis a "little" they "take a lot"!  Ask California or Colorado or a whole host of other states and municipalities.  Trappers have won victories too but it's ALWAYS a costly and intense struggle with the antis and their allies.

The bottom line, we need to go on the offense whereever and whenever possible and that's the direction I'll present to the TTFHA Board and membership moving forward.  A good offense IS the BEST defense!

Please support as best you can all those that you can!    

  •  - Mark June      

Lawrence, Kansas was the location for the Fur Takers of America national convention and several members of TTFHA were present the entire three day convention to greet attendees and show TTFHA's affiliation support.  The TTFHA booth was staffed by Jeff Dunnier, Robin and Monica Wheelus for most of the weekend but individuals such as VP Mitchell Simpson also lent a hand.  A total of seven new memberships signed up and many trappers stopped at the TTFHA booth to chat about trapping in Texas and voice support for our organization.  A hearty THANK YOU to all who attended and helped out!

Jeff Dunnier also shared his expertise with trappers at the convention, doing a demo on Bait Stations, that received a great deal of positive comments.  Here's Jeff in action...

Jeff Dunnier